New & Selected Naming Work


Get a Great Name

Why is it so challenging to get a great name for your company or product that no one else is using?

Consider the numbers:

  • Nearly 20,000 trademarks registered
  • About 230,000,000 domains registered
  • Naming fees of $75,000 or more at top firms

Then, let us help you beat the numbers.

For over 15 years, Brandese has provided strategy and naming services to emerging and established businesses, as well as to leading branding and direct response firms for their high-profile accounts.

Work with us directly, and you don’t pay the cost of big-company overheads. You also get plenty of on-strategy naming candidates to choose from. We’ve created over 50,000, including a lot of globally known brands. We also can provide available domains.

Naming Process

Our naming process is customized to meet your needs — including for company names, product names, taglines, or nomenclature systems. Here are common phases of a naming engagement:

    Client interviews and research about name objectives, brand legacy, competitors, markets and more.
    Delivery of project strategy with name positioning and linguistic, regulatory and other parameters.
    Internal generation of and extensive list of name candidates, based on approved project strategy.
    Internal evaluation of names against strategic requirements, for linguistic strength, URL availability, appeal and more.
    Presentation of final name candidates, including recommendations based on evaluation results and distinctiveness.
    Guidance for final name selection and URL ownership (optional: preliminary trademark and linguistic screening).

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