Brand Voice

Voice of New Brand — By Spokesperson
Liv Kit TV Launch

Voice of New Brand — In Content
SkinSpirit Launch

Voice of Brand After Repositioning
Autodesk Website Content

Voice of Brand in New Format
Intuit QuickBooks Animated Spot

Voice of Personality Brand
Richard Simmons Infomercials

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Speak to People

For two decades, it’s been our job to help brands speak to people. Real people. Like you. And like us.

Brandese designs voices for brands. Providing the strategy, messaging and stories to help them compel attention. Be relevant. Be real. And drive business.

We also create brand voice guidelines, to unify the way brands express themselves and to make them effective across each type of media. Online, offline and on air.

This creates the consistency that makes brands feel familiar. And gets people excited to buy. And eager to recommend.

The Brand Voice Lifecycle

We customize our brand voice services to meet the needs of new or established brands, working within one or more phases of the brand voice lifecycle:

    Ensure your brand’s value emanates from every communication. We provide the strategic building blocks for a unified brand voice—including brand messaging, brand language and brand story. All crafted to resonate with your audience and achieve your goals.
    Have your brand speak consistently. Plant the seeds of familiarity, credibility, and trust. And drive revenue and loyalty. We help make it all happen, by writing and integrating the content of your websites, social media, broadcast, ads, live events, and more.
    Keep your brand strong. Share our verbal branding guidelines among your company workgroups and with service providers, to keep your brand integrated over time. Have us deliver updates as your brand grows and changes with its audience.

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